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Name:British Comedies
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Everything (discussions, videos, fanfic) related to comedies from the UK and Ireland
Community for fans of comedy shows from the UK and Ireland.

Pretty much anything and everything is welcome here - discussion of current or past programmes, letting everyone know about new DVD releases, or recommending something you think that others might not have heard about. Pictures, reviews, and fanfiction are all encouraged!

Having said that, there are a few general guidelines to read before posting:

Fanfiction is welcome on this community! However, as not everyone is into fanfic (and I'm sure there are a few who actively dislike it), please put all fics behind cuts - that way, anyone who isn't interested can skip over it. At the moment, I'll tentatively state that RPF is allowed (I wouldn't like to change that in the future, but we'll see how Dreamwidth and this community develop). If a fic is only suitable for adults or has content that might upset some people, you must state this before the cut - that way, we can avoid unhappy readers and ensure that underage members know if something isn't suitable for them to read. Please include a disclaimer with any fanfiction you post.

You are welcome to post videos, but to avoid the community getting in trouble, please keep to the following:

What is allowed:
- Youtube videos and links (these are easily accessible and usually low quality anyway)
- Links to download short clips of a show or television adverts/trailers
- Links to download an interview of britcom cast on another show (e.g. Stephen Fry on Friday Night With Jonathon Ross)
- Links to download a programme which is not available for purchase and which is unlikely to be made available at a later date (this refers to unreleased episodes such as pilots, and does not refer to new episodes which are yet to be released)

What is not allowed:
- High quality downloads of entire episodes which are commercially available
- High quality downloads of entire episodes which have only recently been broadcast on television and which will be released on DVD

I'm not against file-sharing personally - however, to prevent causing legal problems for this community and for Dreamwidth, please keep it elsewhere! There are other communities and websites from which episodes are available, and private messages are an alternative way of sharing links among friends. Let's support our favourite programmes by encouraging fans to buy the DVDs!

Basic Internet Etiquette:
In the immortal words of Fry and Laurie, be nice! Not everyone likes the same shows, but there's no need to comment on an entry about a programme just to say how terrible you think it is. Sensible discussions about why you think a particular series has gone downhill are fine, but be aware that other people might think it's as good as it's ever been. If you have problems with another member, please keep those problems off of the community (but if a disagreement is becoming particularly troublesome or tiresome or a user is being abusive, I can be contacted at [personal profile] lupinity87).

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to send a message to my journal. I'm always happy to receive advice or fresh ideas for this community. If you'd like to tell your friends about this community, go ahead - the more the merrier (just don't go spamming everyone!).

Have fun!
Loopy, aka [personal profile] lupinity87 (your friendly local moderator).

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